Solar Ecplise debate between Astrologers and Scientists

Durgesh Tiwari Pandit Shri Satya Narayan Mandir, Rishikesh,
The war between pundits of astrology and scientists along with experts in astronomy is going on unabated for years and years now. Both lobbies are at cross swords once any major celestial movement is about to happen. And here we are witnessing the same again as the world braces for a solar eclipse on Sunday, June 21.
A couple of days back, an Indian scientist, Dr. K.L. Sundar Krishna did stir the hornet’s nest by claiming that COVID-19 and solar eclipse have many a thing in common. A nuclear and earth scientist, Dr. Krishna claimed that the last solar eclipse that took place on December 2019 was directly related to outbreak of Corona virus and the forthcoming solar eclipse on June 21, will see the subside of this virus.
But several noted astrologers of the country have a contrarian view on this theory given by this nuclear and earth scientist. Renowned astrologer from Shri Satya Narayan Mandir, Rishikesh, Pandit Durgesh Tiwari says that the solar eclipse will give further rise to cases of Corona in the country. He says that it will be only after September 30, 2020, cases of Corona will start to ebb down in the country.
Pandit Durgesh Tiwari adds that the horoscope of the solar eclipse he has made shows that there could be some surprising political changes in the country but Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stars are strong enough and the solar eclipse will not have any adverse effect on him anyway. Tiwari also says that this period could see the sudden death of a powerful world leader due to unprecedented circumstances.
“The surya graham will not be very good for the political class of India and the country may loose one prominent politician in this time period”, says Tiwari. He also says that it will be only around next Holi festival, that the effect of Covid-19 would be totally wiped out of the country. He says that five major planets in retrograde position is the cause of the ill-effects of the solar eclipse and the eclipse will have adverse effects on persons of Mithun Rashi or Gemini sun sign.


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